Monthly Archives: October 2014

65. #WCW

While Chris’ neck injury has him down, a new guest host steps in.  A woman.  A new woman.  One we haven’t heard from before.  One we don’t know too well, ourselves.  Can she hang?  Listen to Stacy and find out for yourself.

64. With Mediocre Power

Chris has nothing better to do with his time than going around and trying to make people feel bad for him. And was Ben Stiller really such a bad guy in Heavy Weights?

63. The Barry Bonds of Dieting

We rant about diets.  Getting weight loss surgery means you are not allowed to brag about losing weight.  You get an asterisk.

62. Survivor

The Farmer is like a cockroach. He’ll be around long after the nukes have gone off. Note, the first half of the show is pretty serious. It gets funny, trust me.