Monthly Archives: August 2014

59. The Musical Extravaganza!

You know how some TV shows will do an episode that’s a musical? This as close as we’re gonna get. Chris tells us tales from the cotton fields, and the colorful bunch he was working with.

58. Old Meanies

Jenny from the Block is back as a replacement farmer, since Chris is still….well, farming. We talk about her job taking calls for Medicare recipients and find out that old people are mean bastards.

57. The Offenders

Wherever you find annoyingness and douchebaggery, The Offenders will be there to knock that shit down to the ground.

56. Notarious

While Chris is busy cotton farming, Sam is joined by the Wolf and his old co-host from the college radio days, Jakesta.  The guys reminisce about the old days and the Notorious Notarianni, pictured bellow.

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