Monthly Archives: June 2014

52. Horsey Horse Horse

Chris gets a horse, while Sam watches the most polite, yet irate, customer complaint in a store.

51. Monkey Farm Strippers

Chris and Sam, along with Sonny “the Wolf” Garcia talk about some of the finer points of Alice, TX, including his teaching job, and the monkey farms. Plus a few stories about our first times going to strip clubs.  Note that there are two intros in the beginning because all of this was recorded before the Bear Cop discussion that was heard the week before.

50. The Bear Cop Narrative

We are joined by are friend, Sonny “the Wolf” Garcia to tell the tale of the Bear Cop.  Here’s to 50 more!

49. Fit Farming

Chris is a farmer on the go, and sometimes physical fitness doesn’t always come into play.  Look for his new series of exercise videos.  Also, more rants on police, and showing of Corpus.  The end of Spam Comment Theater.

48. B-Roll Part 1

A little piece of the extra audio we recorded at Josh’s, just before we started playing Cards Against Humanity.  There was a lot to go through, so this is just about half of it.  Enjoy!