Monthly Archives: May 2014

47. Nostalgia

Now that the drunkening is complete, Chris and Sam talk about old video games before showing some Corpus Christi.

46. The Drunkening

Chris and Sam play “Cards Against Humanity” at their friend Josh’s house.  This episode was recorded on an iPhone, so the quality is not the best.  Enjoy the shenanigans of the Farmer and the Ale, with special guests Josh, Cody, Ray, Zeke, and Josh.  Also note, this game can be pretty offensive.  More so than our regular show.  You’ve been warned.

45. Abduction

Sam does another wedding and brings more local blotter stories, while Chris takes a hard stance against pedophiles.  And remember, it’s ‘MERICA! not ‘Murica.

44. Banana Split

Chris does some “gambling” while in extreme pain.  Sam witnesses an arrest and tells the tale of “Gef” before we delve into random searches on the internet.