Monthly Archives: February 2014

36. Law Abiding Citizen

It’s a long one. Don’t worry, she didn’t say that. Asshole cop stories and stupid hipsters antagonizing cops, plus the Farmer’s tales behind the cell.

35. Romancehole

Don’t let the Farmer buy you flowers, it will only end badly. ┬áPlus the Ale is on the cover of a magazine!

34. Excuses Excuses

We have our first female guest, who needs a good list of excuses to get guys to not hit on her at the gym. Other topics include drug abuse, infidelity, stupid cops, and the Olympics. ‘MERICA!

33. Wolf

Think playing Farmville means you know what it takes to be a farmer? You’d be WRONG! The Farmer has to sit out this week as he deals with real life farm stuff. The Wolf is back sitting in for the farming fool. Topics range from how much of an asshole the Ale is, beat downs, and actors we don’t see anymore. Some inside jokes are told, so at least 10 people will find this funny.