Monthly Archives: November 2013

25. Title Pending

Another episode with a melting pot of topics.  So random that it’s hard to describe.  Special pop-ins by Rex Gabriel of C101’s “Two Guys in the Morning” as well as Gabriel (aka Roy).

24. BEEF

More heroic actions by the farmer, the ale’s strange podcast related dreams, and some sort of New Jersey related controversy.

23. Just Punishment

The Farmer can’t communicate effectively, so he had to be punished.  Also, professional cuddling and old dead clams.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is still a bad ass.

21. Not for Moms

Our moms listen to the show, so you’d think we wouldn’t talk about certain things….but we do.  So if you are the mother of either the Farmer or the Ale, don’t listen.  All other moms are welcome.