Monthly Archives: September 2013

17. Revenge of Roy

Roy pops in for a few stories, including the Farmer’s latest injury report, how the Ale inadvertently received porn in the mail at work, and a new segment, “Spam Comment Theater.” Plus some studio hopping.

16. Company X

Not a good week for the Farmer, who has suddenly forgotten he’s not supposed to say the name of the company he works for.  The debut of our theme song by J Sarge and special guest appearance (somewhat against his will) of Walt Flanagan of “Tell ’em Steve-Dave” and “Comic Book Men.”

Oh, and what does the fox say?

15. I Need a Hero

Don’t run from the police, kids.  There’s a new hero in town to assist them.

See the results of the Farmer’s heroic actions here.


14. Spreaker Appeal

Topics include the worst jobs, name the phobia, and ridiculous claims by PETA.  Follow us on Spreaker and help us increase our chances of getting on iHeartRadio!

13. Injury Report

Injuries plague the Farmer as he receives more training, leading to conversation about past injures.  Other nonsensical talk follows.





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