110. Hi!

Yo! Been a while. Here’s a new episode. We’ll have to do this again, sometime

109. Quickie

Time is short, so we breeze through everything. Chris sees wondrous things he’ll never have. Sam is fist pumping. BONUS: cut audio from the previous episode.

108. A New One

Yeah, it’s been a month. We recorded something, though. But I haven’t edited it. Well, I did a little. And I mean very little. I can’t stress how little editing was involved. Just listen and discover what we talked about, because I don’t remember, and it was only a week ago.

106. Than Never

Thanksgiving and Black Friday talk. Chris breaks down “God’s Not Dead” before witnessing the miracle of life.

105. Ahem

Chris is sick. Working in a hospital will do that. Sam is no longer Uncle Sam. DJ Flip-Flop is born.

101. Sssshhhhh…..Oklahoma

Back after a busy month! Chris goes to the show, Sam gets a parking lot rant, and a little online research goes a long way.